YAG - Young Adult Group


For Grade 12+

Over the past couple decades the focus in youth ministry has shifted from spiritual growth to attracting large numbers of kids and keeping them entertained - a move has had some unintended consequences. Many youth ministries are to all practical purposes devoid of any spiritual engagement and use anything they can to get young people through their church doors on Friday nights.


Unfortunately this tragic replacement for the study of God's Word and discipleship have exposed some young people to a superficial form of Christianity that effectively inoculates them against authentic faith.


YAG was established at MTCC for young people of year 12 +,  to help stem the tide of young people leaving the church and the need to shift the emphasis back to the study of God's Word and its resultant spiritual growth to Christian maturity.



Time: Every 2nd Sunday in the chapel after church

Enquiries: Warwick & Jodie Sweeney (0417770953)